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    Brake Pad TS16949 manufacturer (Bản đồ)
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    About US
    Alltour Automotive,aim to be the world’s leading friction material manufacturer in thecommercial vehicle market, can provide over 300 items superior quality brake padsand brake linings for trucks, trailers, buses and vans.
    Alltour owns industrial plant of 50,000 square meters,our professional R&D team dolots of developments and fields tests to find better formulas.We pursuits optimum quality, maximum safety, and also cares a lot about Environment.
    Producing the world’s best C.V brake pads is always the corporate objective of Alltour.
    Alltour Products
    Alltour Products includes the following:
    a. Brake pads for commercial vehicles
    b. Brake lining
    c. Brake pads for passenger cars
    d. brake pads fitting kits.
    e. Brake sensors
    We supply brake pads to a wide range of customers worldwide, ranging from international group of original equipments to individual distributors and repair factories.
    Product Application
    Alltour produces wide range brake pads / lining for commercial vehicles, especially European trucks, trailers ,buses and vans, we now can cover more than 90% European commercial vehicles.
    Our Certificate
    Alltour meets the highest quality standard in brake pads filed as stipulated in quality control system.
    DIN ISO 9001:2009
    ISO 14001
    ECE R90 certificates
    EAC certificate
    Certificates for invention patent
    Certificates for utility model patent
    Certificate of design patent
    Production Equipment
    Alltour introduced advanced production equipment and developed world-class formulas to improve customer's satisfaction while using our brake pads.
    Production Market
    Alltour has many years of experience in the export of brake products,90% of products exported to Europe, the Middle East and more than 50 countries.
    Trademark has been registered in Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, in some countries has become a well-known brand. Europe is our major overseas markets with long-term partners. Our brake products meet the requirements of the EU market access, Now 86 items have gotten ECE-R90 certificates.
    With the success experience in foreign market, Alltour has developed several formulas designed especially for the different road conditions and commercial vehicles in China. Alltour have established good cooperative relationship with urban transportation system Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha etc, alltour is trusted brands now in our local market. 
    Our service
    High educated sales team can easily understand and respect your requirement, then give the fast response, no matter you are world top group or end user
    Fast logistic team give you different transportation options.
    Experienced engineer team give you the satisfied solution on the moment your question appear.Brake Pad TS16949 manufacturer

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